"PLEASE HELP ME. I need your help for my son to survive" - Baby John's Dad

Update: More temporary life-saving bandages and ointments were sent to Baby John because of your support, but we still need to find a fast cure for him and other babies suffering from EB.

"It's so painful to see as parents. I have to hold Baby John down so my weeping wife can change his bandages while we watch him bleed, hurt and cry. We feel helpless and numb."

The father’s depressed plea rang out. His son Baby John, not yet three days old, lay suffering in a bed with severely painful blisters and gaping wounds that threatened his very life. These were bloody blisters and wounds the father could neither heal nor stop from emerging on his son’s tiny face and body time and time again.

With your help we can:

  • $10,000 would allow us to save the lives of 20 more babies born with severe EB like Baby John.
  • $50,000 would allow us to set up manufacturing for 3 potential EB cure drugs.
  • $100,000 would allow us to start pre-clinical trials required by the FDA before treating EB babies.
  • $500,000 would allow us to gather enough preclinical data to get FDA approval to start treating humans.

You can save the life of an EB baby fighting for his or her life, and help find a cure. I believe God will bless you for your help and for sharing this with others!