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Epidermolysis Bullosa EB No Baby Blisters

Thank you for saving our EB Blistering Skin Disease and Medical Special Needs babies from pain and death! Your tax-deductible donations help buy life-saving bandages and pain medicines for immediate urgent relief! We want to help all 500,000 babies suffering with EB pain, so if God puts it on your heart to donate Monthly as a HERO GUARDIAN ANGEL it will help them NEVER run out of critical medical supplies. Their parents will be so grateful. SADLY, we are the only charity helping our babies so your donations are literally life-saving. You are their only hope, so please keep praying, inviting and sharing other awesome humans like yourself to this fundraiser.

OUR GUARANTEE YOUR DONATION WILL HELP! Our Donors are the only ones helping our medically neglected children dying in severe pain. We deliver monthly funds directly to our children, so your donations are guaranteed to help stop pain and death, and to help fund full-body cure research for this horrible disease under our Fast Cure Plan.

"PLEASE HELP ME. I need your help for my son to survive. We are praying for a miracle because he’s crying in pain. I am really afraid of losing him."

-Baby John's Father